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2010 will be the 80th anniversary of the founding of Mothers’ Union in Dromore Cathedral. Today our branch has over 40 active members and a few who support our activities from their home. Contact June current branch leader by telephone 02897532303 or email ijreain @ if you are interested in any of our activities or wish to find out more about MU@DC!

A picture from The Dromore Cathedral MU 2008 Outing:

MU Outing 2008

This (next paragraph) is the front of a leaflet we distribute to the public when taking part in community activities such as the switching on of Christmas tree lights or at the famous Dromore May Fair!

An introduction to Mothers’ Union at Dromore Cathedral

Along with over 3.6 million MU members throughout the world, we believe in the importance of families in all shapes and sizesThrough practical action and prayer, we reach out as God’s family

  • to those who are isolated,
  • in trouble
  • or in need of help,
  • here and throughout the world

Find out what we got up do this year

Click here to see MU@DC 2008-2009 [ link to You Tube ~ ]

Meet a few members of the MU family in Dromore

As branch treasurer Carol makes sure that funds raised for development programmes and projects around the world get to where they are really needed via MU Outreach

Our members are linked in a personal way to MU in Maridi Southern Sudan through Jane who has visited Sudan several times and is passionate about improving conditions for families there

Pat is one of a team of members knitting blankets, coats and hats for babies born prematurely in Craigavon and Dundonald hospitals.How good to get a letter from a friend!

Caroline links with housebound members through an MU Diocesan Project

Providing essential items in wash bags for people unexpectedly admitted to hospital, is an ongoing project supported by Dorothy and many others

Kathleen and members provide personal and household items for the mothers and children in Newry Woman’s Aid Shelter

For more information…

… on Mothers’ Union worldwide visit site provides comprehensive information on the vision, history, literacy and development programmes as well as campaigning and lobbying work of MU as it challenges the root causes of injustice everywhere.