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PSNI Ladies Choir

The PSNI Ladies Choir will be performing in the Cathedral Hall on the evening of Friday 1st February 2019 starting at 8pm.  Tickets are priced at £10, includes a light supper, and are available from all members of the Select Vestry, by adding your name to the list in Church porch or by contacing Jill in the Church Office.  All proceeds will be going to the Church Development Fund.

CMSI Impact Event – Thursday 24th January 2019 (Cathedral Hall)

Why not come along to an event designed to inform us better of the work of one of the leading Anglican mission agencies, the Church Mission Society Ireland (CMSI)?

We will hear from a number of speakers who will inform us of the range of work which CMSI engage in and the work of mission partners in different contexts. Our engagement with mission and support for our partners is critical, both in our local setting and overseas.

So, please do come along to hear how we can all become more involved in the ongoing mission of the Church.

The evening will commence at 7.30pm and should conclude by 9.30pm with light refreshments.



SOMA will be meeting on Thursday 24th January at 8.30pm in the Clayton Hall. New people are welcome, no auditions, no need to read music, Speak to Karen Bowden if interested or just come along and have fun!

History Reading Group

The next meeting of the Dromore Cathedral History Reading Group will take place on Monday 4th February 2019 at 7:30pm in The Clayton Hall. The book for discussion is The Romanov’s: 1613-1918 by Simon Sebag Montefiore. All are most welcome to attend; and as always, a lively discussion and snacks are guaranteed.

Cathedral Lapel Badges


The Select Vestry have conceived of a fundraising idea for Parish funds which is also a great way of showing support for the Cathedral – Lapel Badges. Each badge bears the crest of Dromore and is priced at the modest amount of £3.50. Anyone wishing to purchase a badge should place their name on the list in the Church Porch or contact the Church office.

Badges which have already been ordered can be collected at the Church Porch this Sunday. Thank you.