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History Reading Group

Over the past weeks I have been reflecting on how I could positively employ my time and talents in support of Parish objectives.

I arrived at the idea of forming a Dromore Cathedral History Reading Group. The theory would be that the group would meet on a roughly bi monthly basis.

An initial meeting is scheduled for –

              Thursday 29th June 2017 at 7.30pm

              Venue – The Clayton Hall

At the first meeting we, as a group, would decide upon a history book to read. At our next meeting in early September 2017 this book would be discussed and reviewed and a second title would be decided upon and so it would continue.

If the group became established consideration could also be given to organising some form of Christmas event and possibly a “field trip”. Carrickfergus Castle and the Ulster Museum are two potential venues which are reasonably local.

Each meeting would be accompanied by light refreshments, good fellowship and lively debate and would run at no cost to the Parish. By way of a suggestion, each person attending a meeting could make a voluntary donation which would be passed to the Honorary Treasurer to credit parish funds.

My feeling is that the group should restrict itself to what I would describe as “popular history”. That is, books of reasonable cost and reasonable length which are readily available by way of on line and high street outlets. It would probably be best to avoid 1000 page paper brick epics!

My own background is that I am a medieval historian with a specific interest in the economy of 14th century England. The good news, and to comfort and reassure any prospective attendees, is that I would not suggest any books on that subject matter!

I am more than happy to read any book and facilitate discussion and debate about anything from the grandeur of republican and imperial Rome to the dark intrigue of the court of Henry VIII and moving on to the monochrome shades of post war Eastern Europe. The historical sky is quite literally the limit!

No previous knowledge or existing experience would be required. All that those attending would need was an interest in reading about some of the most significant events in world history and meeting, across the pages, some of the most inspiring, intelligent, interesting, foolish, courageous, tyrannical and eccentric individuals that human kind has ever produced!

If you are not able to attend the first meeting the details of the book selected will be published on the Parish web site and on facebook so you can purchase the title and get reading!

If you would like to be involved you can contact me or simply come to The Clayton Hall on the evening of Thursday 29th June 2017.

Robin McCallum   or Mobile – 07707 618532


Sweet Praise

After the success of last year, we are holding another ‘Sweet Praise’ evening on Saturday 3rd June at 7.30pm in the Cathedral Hall.

This will be an informal evening of worship with a mix of both traditional and modern music. Music will be led by the Cathedral Praise band and friends.

Chelsey Whan will be there to give her testimony and a little bit about the adventures she has been on.

The night will be ended with some delicious desserts!

Last year saw a great turn out from both our congregations as well as other Churches and I am really excited for what this year’s Praise Night will bring!

Everyone welcome


Cathedral Lapel Badges


The Select Vestry have conceived of a fundraising idea for Parish funds which is also a great way of showing support for the Cathedral – Lapel Badges. Each badge bears the crest of Dromore and is priced at the modest amount of £3.50. Anyone wishing to purchase a badge should place their name on the list in the Church Porch or contact the Church office.

Badges which have already been ordered can be collected at the Church Porch this Sunday. Thank you.

Newly selected Vestry Members and Officer Bearers 2017-2018

 Select Vestry

Churchwardens:         Gareth Lough (Rector’s)         Ian Doig (People’s)

Glebewardens:              Johnny Gordon (Rector’s)       Bill Forsythe (People’s)

Vestry Members:          Colin Barr, Margaret Bailie, Robin McCallum, William McCallum  (Honorary Secretary), Nan McMurray (Honorary Treasurer), Samuel Newell, Julie Orr,
Sue Pegrum, Keith Porter, Darrell Stewart,  Ruth Stribblehill, Agnes Thompson.

Honorary Secretary    Mr Billy McCallum

Honorary Treasurer   Miss Nan McMurray

Parochial Nominators

Billy McCallum, Nan McMurray, Darrell Stewart, Ashley Silcock

Parochial Nominators – Supplemental

Gareth Lough, Keith Porter, Alistair Scott

Diocesan Synod

Cecil Bailie, Gareth Lough, Nan McMurray, Alistair Scott

Diocesan Synod – Supplemental

Sue Pegrum, Wendy Tate

Diocesan Synod – Under 30 Representative

Robin McCallum

Diocesan Synod – Under 30 Representative – Supplemental

Chelsey Whan

Summer Madness 2017

It may only be the start of February but plans are well under way for Summer Madness 2017. This year is going to be a special one as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary!

We’re excited to welcome our MainStage ContributorsMatt Chandler (Village Church, TX), Rachel Gardner (Youthscape / Romance Academy), &Simon Lennox (Word In The City), to the festival. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing additions to the festival bill, including contributors & worship leaders – keep up to date via FacebookTwitterInstagram.

We wanted to get in touch to give you a heads up:

Dromore Cathedral are planning on bringing a group to Summer Madness this year, now is the time to get your tickets booked! Until March 1st, full festival passes are available for the Super Early Bird price of £75.

Plus, because it’s a special year for summer madness  they are feeling a bit generous! If we are taking a big crew with us the 30th camper in your group will go for free!



For more information and booking forms contact

Margaret Bailie

Or 07715 602078