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The Select Vestry would like to invite all of our members to 2 public meetings in the Cathedral Hall on Monday 13th March and Thursday 30th March, both at 7.45pm, to determine a vision for our church family.

Vision really matters as we think about next steps in our church and rather than discern this vision in isolation, the Select Vestry feel it is crucial for us to do this together, under God.

The first meeting will essentially answer the question

Try to imagine our church and town in 5 years time if Gods kingdom had come more fully; what would it look like? 

Some areas we might consider in answering this question could be what it might look like for our children, youth, seniors, community, worship, fellowship, mission, prayer and outreach.

At the second meeting, we will present the ideas gleaned at the first meeting and then establish God’s priorities for us as a church family.

All of this will then be collated in a booklet and delivered through visitation in September/October of this year, culminating in a celebration of Vision and Stewardship weekend at Harvest time.

So, please do come along and support these meetings and together shape the future of our church as we listen to one another under the guidance of God’s spirit.

Lenten Services

During the season of Lent, we will be having a midweek meeting in the Cathedral lasting around 30 minutes. Each evening will include singing, prayer and teaching.

Services will commence on Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 8pm and continue throughout Lent each Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. Everyone is most welcome to attend.



Suicide prevention and Mental Health issues.

Clergy, Church Youth workers, lay readers and other Church staff representatives are invited to attend.

Tuesday 28th February – Nicva, 61 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast

Monday 13th March – Dromantine Conference Centre, Newry.


Please contact Margaret Bailie on 028 9127  0082  or

re group numbers  attending from Dromore Cathedral


Summer Madness 2017

It may only be the start of February but plans are well under way for Summer Madness 2017. This year is going to be a special one as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary!

We’re excited to welcome our MainStage ContributorsMatt Chandler (Village Church, TX), Rachel Gardner (Youthscape / Romance Academy), &Simon Lennox (Word In The City), to the festival. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing additions to the festival bill, including contributors & worship leaders – keep up to date via FacebookTwitterInstagram.

We wanted to get in touch to give you a heads up:

Dromore Cathedral are planning on bringing a group to Summer Madness this year, now is the time to get your tickets booked! Until March 1st, full festival passes are available for the Super Early Bird price of £75.

Plus, because it’s a special year for summer madness  they are feeling a bit generous! If we are taking a big crew with us the 30th camper in your group will go for free!



For more information and booking forms contact

Margaret Bailie

Or 07715 602078

Launch of the Serve Leadership Programme

Message from Tim Burns – Diocesan Youth Officer

I am delighted to introduce SERVE, a resource for young people in 4th to 6th year,

designed to encourage and develop their unique leadership qualities while also helping them build

firm foundations of faith.

Central to the course is the idea of servant leadership, which can often be different to the

perception of what leadership is. SERVE will encourage young people to discover and use the

gifts God has given them to be serve others and unlock their potential as leaders.

Each session of training has four elements included that are designed to build a sense of

community and support, engagement with God and a deeper knowledge of who we are as people

and leaders. They are:

1. Communal Meal: Served at the start of each session

2. Spiritual Discipline: Time is given after the meal to practice an element of the


3. Book Review: Participants will be expected to read a chapter of the selected book prior

to each session, at which a young person will lead a discussion on the chapter.

4. Teaching and Discussion: This element allows the participants to explore spiritual,

practical and personal aspects of Christian leadership through discussion and activities.

There are eight separate sessions, the first 4 will run fortnightly in Hillsborough Parish halls,

starting on the 23rd of February and will last for three hours, from 6.30 – 9.30 pm. The next 4

sessions will take place over the course of a weekend away at the Kilbroney Centre in

Rostrevor from Friday-Sunday 28-30th April with a final graduation celebration for parents and

participants taking place on Friday the 5th of May.

The cost for the course is £70, this includes a participants handbook, our meals together

and the residential, as well as the graduation ceremony and certificate. This can be paid in

either a single payment for the course or two payments of £35.

We would love for your child to be involved in this because we feel it will not only be good for them

but also for the church. To this end we will be encouraging sending churches to support each

young person on the course through prayer, opportunities and finance if possible.

Included with this is an application form for your child to fill in. It will also require your signature to

confirm that you are happy for them to be part of the course, and two references, one preferably

from a church leader from within the parish that you are part of.


For more info please contact Margaret at: or telephone 028 9127 0082 or mobile 07715 602078




Register of General Vestry Members

The register of General Vestry Members will be opened from 24th January until 24th February 2017 – during this time the register will be available for inspection in the Parish Office during the week and in the Church on Sundays. Anyone wishing to become a Vestry Member should obtain a Form of Declaration from one of the Church Wardens or contact the Parish Office and ensure that it is returned for inclusion on the register on 24th February 2017 at the latest.

A review meeting to consider inclusion on the current register will take place at 7.30pm on Monday 27th February.  In order that your name is included on the register, you must be over 18 years of age and have given in a recordable fashion to church funds in the year preceding the review taking place.  Inclusion on the list of Vestry Members entitles you to vote at the Easter General Vestry, our annual meeting at which elections take place, vision is cast and finances are discussed.  Anyone can attend this meeting, but only those included on the register of Vestry Members can vote or be elected to serve on the Select Vestry.