What is Christianity?

A short guide to what we believe in Dromore….

We believe in God who is the originator of all things.
We believe in God who has made himself known in Jesus Christ.
We believe in God who lives in people by his Holy Spirit.

People can experience God in lots of ways: he has left evidence of himself in the order of science, the beauty of nature, the search for purpose and the yearning for love. When he answers prayers from people who are not fully convinced he exists, when he places an opportunity before a person which fulfills their heart’s desire, and when an apparent co-incidence seems to make sense, people begin to give credibility to the possibility of God.

In Dromore we encourage people to come to worship, try an alpha course, make friends in a home group, join in a recreational sporting activity, do some planned Bible reading, and get into prayer.

Jesus Christ said “Follow me” to some people: they became his disciples and it was in the process of getting to know him better that they were more or less convinced that he revealed God. That’s why we ask you to do the same: do the things disciples do and discover Jesus as a real friend who gives forgiveness for the past, purpose for the present, and promise for the future as Jesus becomes our Lord and Master.

The local church believes what the Bible teaches about God as is summarised in the creeds. We are orthodox, evangelical and conservative in our approach to Bible, Ethics and Theology.

To find out more about the activities we encourage (especially regular worship, study and the Alpha Course) contact the office and we will try to get in touch with you.