Meeting for Confirmation Candidates

Confirmation is, according to the Book of Common Prayer, an opportunity when “candidates will profess their faith in Christ, confirming their desire to serve God throughout their lives, to turn to Christ and to renounce all evil.” The service of confirmation in and of itself is not found in the Bible. But the public declaration of faith in Christ and a commitment to following his teaching throughout our lives is a good thing and something which we should embrace only after contemplation and proper prayerful consideration.

We are hoping to host a service of confirmation in the Cathedral next year and would invite all young people in Year 8 and above, together with at least one parent, as well as any adults seeking confirmation, to an information evening in the Rectory at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th October. If you are contemplating confirmation but are unable to attend this meeting, please do let Geoff know in advance of the meeting.


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