Confirmation Service 2018

Confirmation should be a meaningful time in the life of a candidate, both young or more mature.  It should represent a time in someone’s life when they are saying their YES to God in a public act of worship and their yes is confirmed by the presiding Bishop.  Confirmation should not be seen as “getting done” or something which the candidate feels forced into by peers or parents; it should be the choice of the candidate!

We are inviting all young people in year 8 and above, together with their parents, to an information evening at 7.30pm on Tuesday 16th January in the Clayton Hall.  This meeting will help to explain what will be involved in preparation for confirmation and should help candidates to understand what level of commitment would be expected from them and will also provide an opportunity for any questions.

This meeting will be open to all those who are in year 8 and above together with any more mature candidates who would be seeking Confirmation.  Preparation for more mature candidates will take a separate shape and form from that of the young people.

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