Monthly Archives: March 2017


The Select Vestry would like to invite all of our members to 2 public meetings in the Cathedral Hall on Monday 13th March and Thursday 30th March, both at 7.45pm, to determine a vision for our church family.

Vision really matters as we think about next steps in our church and rather than discern this vision in isolation, the Select Vestry feel it is crucial for us to do this together, under God.

The first meeting will essentially answer the question

Try to imagine our church and town in 5 years time if Gods kingdom had come more fully; what would it look like? 

Some areas we might consider in answering this question could be what it might look like for our children, youth, seniors, community, worship, fellowship, mission, prayer and outreach.

At the second meeting, we will present the ideas gleaned at the first meeting and then establish God’s priorities for us as a church family.

All of this will then be collated in a booklet and delivered through visitation in September/October of this year, culminating in a celebration of Vision and Stewardship weekend at Harvest time.

So, please do come along and support these meetings and together shape the future of our church as we listen to one another under the guidance of God’s spirit.

Lenten Services

During the season of Lent, we will be having a midweek meeting in the Cathedral lasting around 30 minutes. Each evening will include singing, prayer and teaching.

Services will commence on Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 8pm and continue throughout Lent each Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. Everyone is most welcome to attend.